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Polyethylene Filter Plate

The filter plate of the automatic membrane filter press is an important part of the equipment. The water filter plate is usually made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as uhmwpe or hdpe, etc. Their design and structure determine the filtering effect and performance of the filter press.


The filter plate usually has a flat surface and has many filter holes or channels for filtering and separating solid particles or suspended matter. During operation, the water filter plate will form a filter chamber together with the diaphragm for the passage of filter media such as water or other liquids.

Key Features:

• High self-lubrication, no water absorption — Destroy the molecular chain formed by water absorption, eliminate the adhesion, and cut the material naturally and smoothly.

• Low cost of use — Compared with the same functional products such as air cannon, vibrator, stainless steel lining plate, etc., the cost is greatly reduced.

• High wear resistance and impact resistance — Add a variety of modifiers to maintain the original characteristics and improve the more practical advantages.


• Chemical

• Industrial

• Mining

• Industrial Waste

• Municipal Waste

• Food & Beverage

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