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What can recycled plastic sheets be used for?

Recycled plastic sheets are revolutionising industries by tackling the longstanding limitations of traditional materials.

Recycled plastic are rapidly gaining popularity across various sectors, driven by their strength, durability, and eco-friendliness. As sustainability becomes a key concern, these alternatives are gaining popularity with consumers and clients.


The potential applications of recycled plastic sheets span a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from agriculture to construction:

1. Fencing


Create durable and eco-friendly fences and privacy panels with recycled plastic boards. They won’t warp, splinter, or require regular painting, making them a smart choice for long-lasting boundaries.


2. Wall cladding


Construct durable retaining walls using recycled plastic sheets. These boards are moisture-resistant and maintain their integrity over time, ensuring dependable support for landscaping and garden projects. Additionally, wall cladding made from recycled plastic can also be a viable option for interior projects.


3. Ground protection


Plastic sheets in construction are the perfect ground protectionsolution. Heavy equipment, materials and rubble are in construction every day and the need to prevent damage to the ground is a must to avoid being charged reparation fees.



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