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Nylon Bushings

We stock a variety of thermoplastic materials for machined prototypes and production parts.

Nylon Bushings

Nylon Bushings

Inner Diameter (d) (mm)Outer Diameter (D) (mm)Length (mm)


-ISO 9001: 2015 Certified manufacturer

-Self-lubricating nylon bushing sleeve

-Various Materials and size

-Low MOQ and Customizable


What is a Nylon Bushing?

Nylon bushings are industrial grade bushings that excel at machine applications due to their naturally smooth nylon composition. While all bearings enable a sliding motion, nylon bearings are especially good at reducing friction due to their self-lubricating properties. Nylon bushings can come in any shape or size, and Bushing MFG can custom make them to meet your designs. Nylon bushings are especially beneficial due to their reduced noise and extended lifespan. Because of the smooth, durable nylon that is used to make them, nylon bushings last longer, extend the life of your machine, require less maintenance, and operate more quietly.

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